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Mini Avocado Trees

You Are In for a Treat! “What's . . . that?” you say. “Small Avocado Trees” and “Huge Yields” too”? I know – it sounds crazy.

I’ll answer the question in a sec, but first; Let me confess... Ten years ago - when I started this - I didn't have any clues either. But it's been said; "Ask and you shall have… Seek and you shall find". How true that is! I agonized over;

  • "Why does it take such a long time for avocados to fruit?”
  • “Why do we need to grow them into huge canopies before they fruit?"
  • “What if we could grow avocados just like a small apple or lime tree?
  • “How come it's not been done before?"
  • “How can I do that?”

I kept asking myself these and more. The answer wasn't too long in coming but - when it did . . . It was an eye opener. It was like being hit by a ton of bricks! I'll cut the long story short and just give you the results.

But let me make another confession . . . I'm just an average guy. Yup! Average, sort of “Run - of - the - mill” person. So, listen carefully - - - If I can do it; then . . . Wait for it . . . YOU CAN TOO.

Here is the secret:

The magic is in X-pollination and it's been known for a long, long time. But amazingly, not many people put it to practice. “Darwin found cross-pollination resulted in more numerous, larger, heavier, vigorous and more fertile offspring…”

The Secret Life of Plants. There you have it all - - in a nutshell. I’m sure if Darwin was around, he would endorse this personally. If you agree too, then Order a set of 4 or more from Avopro and Kick-start your own home grown avocados >>> Order

Here’re the Top Seven Reasons why it works:

When you plant at least 3 / 4 mutually complementing varieties, close together - - By the way, I call this “Space Saving Avocados” or “Mini Avocado Trees”.

What You Get is:

  1. More fruit per tree canopy.
  2. Early & consistent - year after year - fruit set.
  3. All Year-Round avocados - - Different types mature at different times.
  4. Safe, easy & Eco-Harvesting management and maintenance.
  5. You can keep them like a small shrub — easy and safe picking.
  6. Pruning lets “Deep Sunlight Penetration” ààà less pests / dis-eases.
  7. In fact; the more varieties, planted close together, the better the results.

The list of bonuses just goes on and on. Right now, I’ve some astonishing varieties, chosen to give you fruit all year round with kinky tastes, textures and even tolerance to weather conditions. Many clients tell me; “Avocado man! You’re the only nursery guy in NZ, producing so many of these varieties”! Apparently it’s true too!

Plant them and enjoy your own avocados in a short time. It's easy as! Avopro.org trees are reasonably tough and if you follow good practices - - I’m committed to supporting ALL my clients - - you can grow them almost anywhere.

Here you can Order a complementing set of 4 or more to suit your needs. Go for it. Imagine planting avopro.org “Mini Avocado Trees” and watching all your family and friends, amazed at how these less than 2.5m high avocado trees can produce so much fruit!

If you’ve been wishing to grow your own fruit trees and thought that avocados are out of the question - - now is the time to act. You can successfully grow up to 4 avocado trees in just 4 or even 2 m2!You can even grow them in pots but I recommend planting them outside.

Go to Order and choose 4 or more combinations to suit your needs. Do it now rather than later and put yourself and your trees one full year ahead.

Order Now!

Go for it!

Our Beautiful Avocado Plants

Avocado on our trees at 1.5 years...


Here’s a testimonial from a completely independent person who made remarks on an article about avopro.org in Weekend Gardener (Issues 281 & 283 published 2010).

Big not better

“I was interested in reading about avocados for small gardens in issue 281. I had a friend (since died) who grew an avocado tree. It was just over 6ft (1.8m)…” “This tree was pruned every year and it was great not to have to stretch to pick the fruit. It always had lots of fruit on it. One year we counted over 200 avocados* on the tree and she said this was common”. Wendy Galloway, Omokoroa

*Italics are mine.


Our Beautiful Avocado Plants

Our Beautiful Avocado Plants

Some have asked me; “what’s the difference between your trees and others?” I don’t know about others’ trees or services, but when you buy avocados from me, one thing you can be absolutely assured of; “All avopro.org trees carry a bit of my soul”! I personally attend to each and every one of them. For more than a decade I’ve been collecting & producing 40+ different varieties which most people - including - nurseries don’t even know exist!

Oh! There’s one more thing:

I Am Not a Know-It-All! Not even with avocados. But I am a keen student and have been very lucky to learn from true and great masters of the subject. Armed with this Know-How and by putting in a bit of effort, care, and even love (Put Your Soul in to It), you'll succeed too. Many, many people have and I'm certain that everyone can.